Who knew one tiny pre + probiotic packet could benefit your digestion, immune system, heart health, exercise recovery & fat metabolism?

We did.

Make healthier habits with just one INSTANT-DISSOLVE packet per day.

(But, don’t take our word for it. Read research studies HERE.)

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Our Startup Story

Our probiotics & packaging are made right here in our home state of Georgia. Watch this quick snapshot of our manufacturing processes. Follow us on social at @GetOpuPro to see more videos and the full processes.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Have you noticed how everything you order online comes inside of another GIGANTIC cardboard box? Well, we wanted to break that cycle by combining our shipper with our consumer packaging. Simply remove the inner tray, store at home and recycle the outside shipper!


Probiotics are GOOD bacteria that provide multiple health benefits when digested. Countless factors can impact your gut health. Probiotics can benefit your digestion, immune system, heart health, exercise recovery, & fat metabolism.

A prebiotic is the food source for the probiotic. Therefore, when combined, both materials form a symbiotic effect on our gut flora or microbiome.

'Opu Probiotics are made in the USA at a NSF certified facility located in Georgia. Our packaging is also manufactured in Georgia.

'Opu Probiotics dissolve INSTANTLY when poured on your tongue. No beverage needed! No pills. No gummies. No chalky powders.

Simply tear off the end of the packet and sprinkle 'Opu Probiotics on your tongue! No beverage needed. Suggested use - one packet per day. Ages 2+.

Probiotics are typically more effective when taken on an empty stomach.

While ‘Opu is intended to be ingested directly, you can sprinkle it in a beverage. We suggest you drink it immediately, as it’s not a drink mix.

For the time being, 'Opu Probiotics are only available here on our website.

Our tear packets are heat sealed in an NSF certified facility and are then double-bagged to maintain efficacy. Because of the way they are stored, they can sometimes get bent. Rest assured that those creases are only aesthetic.