30 Mocha Flavored INSTANT DISSOLVE Pre + Probiotic Packets!

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  • Sugar-FREE
  • Gluten-FREE
  • NSF Certified Factory
  • Recyclable/Eco-friendly Packaging
'Opu Probiotics dissolve instantly! Simply tear & pour on your tongue. 5 Billion CFU per packet. Suggested use is one packet per day, ages 2+. 

Our prebiotic + probiotic blend is manufactured in a Georgia-based NSF certified factory & our recyclable packaging is also manufactured in Georgia.  

'Opu Probiotics Mocha Prebiotic + Probiotic Packets contain 5 Billion CFU per packet of Bacillus subtilis DE111® & PreforPro®. DE111® & PreforPro® are registered trademarks of Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes, Inc.