Winning Opu Chocolates!

If you are reading this, you must have ordered our NEW Opu Probiotics Chocolate Supplements! You may have even found one of the lucky WINNING pieces! If so, read below how to claim.

In our initial manufacturing run of only 5,000 boxes, we're hiding a select number of individual winning pieces! What do they look like? Well, you can't miss them. They have a chocolate brown wrapper, versus our branded wrappers.

If you find one, know that it's the same trusted Opu Probiotics chocolate, just wrapped differently!


1. Add a FREE box of Opu Chocolates to your cart!

2. Submit your unique DISCOUNT CODE on the back (one time use) at checkout for a FREE box! (Only pay $4.50 SHIPPING!) Each person who does this will be entered in the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING!

GRAND PRIZE: A ONE YEAR Supply of Opu Probiotics!

If you didn't find a winning piece and would like to enter the drawing simply submit below!